About Us

SmartHostPlan.com is a small business serving customers who know what kind of hosting and Domain Name Registration services they need, but want a personal and knowledgeable business backing them up.

We serve a wide range of customers, from other Small eCommerce Enabled businesses, non profit organizations, online groups and message board,  and even political websites. We provide the tools for most customers to handle all of their day to day administration and other services on their own without the need for hand-holding, but offer and provide the hand-holding needed to succeed online.

SmartHostPlan.com was originally founded in 1999 as a side domain name for Search Engine Optimization purposes for Webmasters, Inc of Riverton, WY. After serving as the primary domain name for hosting services for Webmasters, Inc, we were transfered to Lanji Information Technologies, LLC in 2002. In 2007 after Lanji Information Technologies, LLC was dissolved, we transfered all hosting services back to SmartHostPlan.com in early 2008.

About the Owner

Christopher Lange started as the Vice President of Technology for Webmasters, Inc. shortly after its founding. In 2002, after the exit of most of the primary shareholders from the company, Chris formed Lanji Information Technologies, LLC to hold the hosting, Domain Name Registration and design services of the company. Chris continues to serve as the owner of this small sole proprietorship to this day.

Currently Chris is busy serving as the Web Operations Manager at Sierra Trading Post, a top 100 Internet Retailer located in Cheyenne, WY. Like many individuals in the eCommerce Department, he continues to offer his knowledge part-time in side projects and after hours work. Thanks to the experience as working for Sierra Trading Post there are even more new and exciting bits of knowledge available for customers of SmartHostPlan.com including more detailed SEO, Operations, and website design idea. Because many of Chris’ coworkers also have side projects, if SmartHostPlan.com doesn’t have the knowledge or skills you need, we can often find you top people with the skills your looking for.